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At VPM we custom engineer and reverse engineer parts to meet our client's specific needs. No matter how small or large the job is our CNC machines are precise and efficient. We can meet your most complex engineering needs. We can streamline the process for you from prototype to final product and batch production. We are a lean manufacturing company built to meet your production needs.

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Viewpoint Manufacturing is a full-service custom metal fabrication and manufacturing company. We supply customized components and parts to companies in various industries including: Oil and Gas, HVAC, Automotive, and more.

We ensure that our products exceed quality expectations, meet delivery dates and you receive top level customer service.

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We streamline the process from 3D design, raw material sourcing, outside processing, production, to final assembly.


Industrial tooling, sub-assemblies, pre-production parts, one off tools, and assembled production; we produce your parts with our state of the art machines.

Exemplary Service

We offer fast, reliable, affordable and high quality products that are customized to meet your needs.